Saturday, October 9th, at 10:00 a.m., St. Anne Parish will bless your home pets in the parking lot behind the church, 30 College St., Chicopee. If you would prefer to keep your pet in the car, Fr. Dennis will bless them also. Saint Francis of Assisi is associated with the patronage of animals and it has become customary for Catholic and Anglican churches to carryout animal blessing ceremonies on his feast day. Hope you and your fury "Best Friend" can come!

The diocese has issued new Covid-19 restriction guidance. The guidance came with the foreknowledge of the new State protocols which went into effect May 29th. As mentioned during Mass last weekend we anticipate more comprehensive guidance to follow as questions and concerns arise. Any comments or suggestions that would help make our transition to what Bishop Byrne has coined, a "better normal" are welcomed and much appreciated. Moreover, I am cognizant of concerns some have of returning too quickly back to normal operations. We will therefore be proceeding slowly.

Liturgical Schedules: Mass times will not be changed. And both sides of the church will continue to be open for all weekend Masses. Confessions will be every Saturday from 2:45pm to 3:45pm or by appointment.

Mask wear is no longer mandated. However, anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask may do so. And if you have not been fully vaccinated, you are encouraged to still wear one. Mask-wear for all minors rests with their parents or guardians.

Dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass remains in effect at this time. The diocese is coordinating with the other dioceses in Massachusetts for a date to end the dispensation.

Regular surface disinfection will continue here at St. Anne's. We will be continuing disinfection into the Fall and Winter seasons since the disinfection removes the threat of many other viruses which are transmitted by touch. We will disinfect surfaces every weekend, at large celebrations and for all religious education classes.

Mass Celebration
All pews and areas of worship are open with the understanding that those who would like to keep socially distant may continue to do so.

Choirs are now allowed. We plan to restart the choir in the fall.

Altar servers are not required to wear masks. Children, however, must get permission from their parents first.

Holy Water fonts will remain empty at this time. Holy water will be available for parishioners via the Holy Water dispenser in the vestibule. We will be looking into the purchase of touchless holy water dispensers for use in the furture.

Food and drink will now be provided at parish activities as before. We just had our first coffee/donut social in room two after the 9 and 11am Masses this past weekend. It was a huge success. There will be a coffee/donut social every second Sunday of the month from this point forward.

Communion will take place in a similar manner as before. Some direction will be provided during Mass before Communion begins as was done this past weekend. It went very well. Amd mask-wear by Eucharistic Ministers will continue for the time being.

There will be two Ministers of Communion in the middle and two in front for all Masses.
Process to the outside aisles, one row at a time beginning with the pews closest to the ministers. Once communion is received proceed down the nave or the middle aisle back to your pew.
Communion will be given on the hand or the tongue to all. If a minister touches a communicant, the line will be placed on hold while the minister sanitizes her/his hands again.
For parishioners unable to process to the minister please let an usher know in advance and the we will come to you.

Ministers will no longer go to parishioners on the hall-side.
There will be one or two ministers in the front - if two, they will be back-to-back.
Process to the outside aisles first starting with the seats closest to the minister(s).
Once communion is received proceed down the middle aisle back to your seat.
For parishioners unable to process please let an usher know in advance and we will come to you.

Fr. Dennis Skowera
Administrator Pro Tem
St. Anne's Parish
Chicopee, MA

On Friday, July, 10th, I received a letter in the mail from Bishop Rozanski. He appointed me to care for the parish community here at St. Anne's as Administrator (Pro-Tem) effective, July 13, 2020. My main priority as established by Bishop is to keep all parish ministries and matters running as smoothly as possible.

It was an honor and a humbling experience to be entrusted with the care of St. Anne's Parish. This is a wonderful parish. I'm most grateful for the support I've been given since I arrived. Please pray for me as I will be and have been praying for you all along. Thank you and God bless!

Fr. Dennis