Update May 23rd

Questions and Answers about St. Anne Church Masses

When will St. Anne Church be open?

St. Anne Church will reopen for daily Mass at 8am on Tuesday May 26.  We are changing the Mass time for Weekdays to 8am.  This will allow us to clean the church after each Mass.  We need time to do that in case we have a 10am funeral.  So our weekday Masses will be at 8am Monday thru Friday. 

When will Masses start on the weekend?

Weekend Masses will start on the weekend of May 30/31.  Our regular Mass schedule will be in place:  4pm Saturday, 7am, 9am, 11am on Sunday mornings. 

When will confessions be scheduled?

Confessions will start on Saturday, May 30th from 12noon to 1pm.  Prior to May 30th  confessions are by appointment only.

Will parishioners attending Mass have to wear Masks?

Parishioners will have to wear masks when they get out of the car and come into the church.  The masks can be removed when receiving communion.  Priests do not have to wear masks while the Mass is being celebrated.  However, priests are required to wear a mask while distributing communion and upon leaving the sanctuary.  Those with medical conditions that preclude the wearing of masks are exempted, as are children under the age of 2.  Children between the ages of 2 and 5 should wear masks at the discretion of their parents.  

Will there be social distancing?

Yes, individuals must practice 6 feet distancing.  The pews will be marked to assist with that.  Families living in the same household will be considered one person.  Everyone else must practice social distancing.  That holds for coming into the church, while in the church and when leaving the church.  Let’s be patient with one another, but let’s also practice safety.  

What will change in the Mass?

  • There will be no sign of peace or communion by the cup.  
  • Communion with the host will be distributed in the hand only.  
  • Holy water fonts will be drained and not used.  
  • Water fountains will be turned off.  
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizers.  Should you forget, there will be hand sanitizer available for you to use.  
  • The restroom in the Parish Hall will be available for emergency use only.  
  • Only long stem baskets will be used for the collection; the passing of the basket from person to person is suspended.  
  • Hymnals and prayer cards are removed from the pews.

What about seating capacity?

Seating capacity is limited to 40% of our building capacity from our building permit.  That means we can only have 130 people or less depending upon social distancing requirements.  We will open up both sides of the church to maximize capacity.  But again, the limit we can admit is 130.  

So what should a parishioner bring to Mass?

  • A parishioner should bring his/her mask and wear it.  
  • A small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Maintain six (6) feet social distancing and follow the guidelines that will be explained before each Mass.   
  • A parishioner may also choose to bring a private missal to be used during Mass if so desired.  

What if I cannot attend Mass?

Please note that if you feel sick at all you should not attend Mass.  If you are anxious about attending Mass you should not attend.  The bishop has extended the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass out of an abundance of caution and concern for the most vulnerable who are susceptible to contract the virus.  So be assured that there are alternatives to physically attending including the availability of Sunday Mass on Sunday mornings at 10am on Channel 22.  There are of course other opportunities to watch Mass on television at other times on the weekend as well.  

Will there people to assist me with these ‘new rules’?

Yes, there will be someone at the doors of the church to assist you and guide you.

Remember……we are only allowed to seat a limited number of people (130 or so) per Massachusetts guidelines.  This 130 includes both church and hall.  This limitation allows for social distancing.  As noted above, both sides of our church including the hall will be open for all Masses at St. Anne.