Update…..April 23rd ….Day 42 since the Churches have been closed
  • Don’t forget…..our 11am Sunday Mass from St. Anne Church is live streamed on Facebook every Sunday during this Pandemic 
  • With Governor Baker’s decision to close schools for the academic year, we will also cancel CCD classes for all grades.  As soon as we are able to have Masses, we will be back in touch with the 2nd Grade Class Parents about 1st Communion and with the Confirmation families as well.  Both 1st Communion and Confirmation are being rescheduled to a time when the churches reopen.  
  • Coming soon…….something new!  We will have a weekly 4-5-minute presentation for children and youth each week called, “St. Anne Story Time.”   It will be a weekly story on our website for parents and young children to view.  It is being organized now and should be up on our website in a week or two.  More information to follow.  We are hoping our youngest parishioners will find this interesting. 


Perhaps you have seen a lot of people out walking their dogs since this pandemic began.  It seems like there are more people spending more time walking their dogs since the beginning of all this.  It may be that it is the people walking the dog who need to be out more than the pet.

It reminds me that when I was growing up, I had a dog named Rocky.  My best friend had the sister of Rocky who he named Babe.  Rocky was always there for me waiting for me after school.  Rocky was a black Labrador and very smart.  Perhaps even more intelligent than I was, because he often outsmarted me. 

Rocky grew to be a large dog and I have great memories of him.   On days when things were not going well, I could always depend upon Rocky to cheer me up.  Our pets are like that.  They are always there for us.  If you have a pet, perhaps you are discovering that more and more during times like these.

Dogs make great exercise partners.  We all see people from time to walking or jogging their pets.  At times, it even seems like the dog is walking its owner, as they journey down the sidewalk.  Who is walking who?

My dog, Rocky was also a good (and cheap) psychologist.  When you are down and out, your dog will let you know, that no matter what, it loves you and always will.  That can be uplifting more so than what any psychologist can give you.  A dog does not judge you but has this incredible non-judgmental affection.  They are always ecstatic to see you. 

Unlike the latest mobile device, you never grow tired of a dog.  From its days as a puppy to the old age of a dog, canines are a constant source of joy.   

Our pets can teach us much.  For example, maybe we need to show a similar unconditional love for others.  Perhaps we have come to be too judgmental of others.  Our dogs can show us how to love one another without the static of judgement or rejection. 

But our pets need our support and care.  I remember one person who told me she had a cat named LuLu.  LuLu was a totally domesticated cat who would not last a day if left to fend for herself.  Her cat needed someone to take care of her, to look after her, and supply her “daily bread.” 

But if you think about it, as children of God we are not so different than LuLu.  We too need the Almighty to look after us and supply our daily bread, as we pray in the Lord’s prayer at Mass.  What a powerful sermon our pets give us each day about our relationship with God and God with us.  And that is a good reminder especially at this time.

As you hug your pet today, be mindful of the love, peace, and comfort they can bring into your home.  Let us discover the message of devotion, joy and dependence they bring us.  In so many ways, they teach us about our relationship with God.

Who would have thought your pet could be such a good preacher?  I can look back in life and see many such “sermons” from Rocky.   And know, during this coronavirus, that your pet is still “preaching to you” through its unconditional love for you.  

So remember this prayer (particularly during this time we are sequestered):  “Lord, help me to be the kind of person my pet thinks I am.”