Tuesday, April 7th: Day 26 since churches were closed

I hope all are well in our parish.  I have not heard of anyone in the parish that has contracted this COVID-19 flu.  Let’s continue to pray that remains so. 

If you are like me, you may be going stir crazy.  I have not been scratching the walls yet, but I am close.   It is very different not being able to minister except creatively and carefully.  But I am hopeful that will soon change with some improvement in containing the virus. 

I spoke to someone the other day who told me his Middle School son said he was “tired of playing video games!”  I never thought I would hear something like that. But I think we are all are tiring of all of this. But remember, there are worse crosses to carry.

The parish is still operating but barely.  Most of our staff have been at home for the past few weeks.  Our office manager is working very limited hours and doing some work from home, our finance person comes in briefly to maintain the finances, and our maintenance person works a couple of hours to keep the buildings clean and sanitized.  All activities have been halted. It is very surreal. 

However, Masses are still being offered every day.  If you had an intention for a particular Mass, know that Mass is happening.  In addition, yesterday, Fr. Dennis and I celebrated an Easter Mass which was taped in St. Anne Church.  We are grateful to the Chalice of Salvation for coming in to tape it. It will not be on TV but you will be able to access it by going to our website at www.saintanne.us.  You can access it anytime after 10am on Saturday, April 11 (Holy Saturday).  Again, this Mass will have to be accessed on your computer or phone. 

Yesterday we were notified by the Bishop that parishes will be able to participate in the CARE Act.  I believe that was part of the stimulus legislation by Congress. I am not sure how much help we will get but every bit helps.  As soon as we know more, we will report that to you. We have been able to keep all of our employees on the payroll thus far. Your financial support has been very helpful to assist us in managing other types of expenses.  Thank you!

Let us also remember that this is Holy Week.  Today is Tuesday of Holy Week. The gospels today and tomorrow are about Judas.  I did a reflection on Judas in my update to you dated “Palm Sunday” on this St. Anne website. 

As we move closer to Holy Thursday and Good Friday, let us make this week special even though we are apart.  Go on line and find a station of cross printout. Move around your apartment or home and make 14 stations by stopping and praying at each of the 14 stations.  We can all get creative in making this holy week special. 

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Fr. John